School Safety

Policies and procedures are in place at the Judy Sare Nursery School for security, safety and well-being of each child entrusted to our care.

We believe that your child’s learning experience is maximized when he/she feels safe and secure.

At the Judy Sare Nursery School we have installed a state-of-the-art security system. This consists of a front door with keyfob access, several television monitors, and audio connections through our phone system. The doors are kept locked and/or physically manned during school hours. Keyfobs are provided only to staff members, parents and synagogue personnel. All others wishing access to the building must ring the doorbell. You will then be viewed by our office, school and/or maintenance staff via the television monitors and either be buzzed in or asked for identification.

Throughout the building, we have also installed peepholes in every classroom door so that we can see out. All nursery families must obtain key fobs. Please note that key fobs are issued on an individual basis, with your photo entered into our system. All classrooms have numbers on the windows and doors, inside and out, for easy identification by police, if needed. We have a full-time armed security guard from the time that the first child arrives in the morning until the last child leaves in the evening.

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