Our Staff

Every classroom has competent, caring and qualified teachers. Our nearly 20 teachers build warm relationships with families that foster learning and enable an easier adjustment to the school environment. 

We employ a wide variety of teaching techniques and methods from “Back to Basics” to the newest in modern teaching ideas and strategies. Our teachers are continually learning through in-service training given by various educational and Judaic organizations. Our staff has been given training by the Bensalem Police & Fire Department regarding the safety of our students, our building and ourselves. We also have yearly CPR and first aid training.

During late care hours, along with our adult supervisors, we also employ high school and college students to “stay and play” with our extended care children.


Marsha Meyer

After almost 30 years, this truly is a second home for Ms. Marsha.  She loves that so many of the children’s parents were here as students.  We are on the 2nd generation of” Judy Sare Kids”.  Ms. Marsha especially enjoys observing , listening,  and having conversations with the children. There are so may special “out of the mouths of babes” moments.

Welcome to judy Sare Nursery School and Camp Simcha

Karen Hershgordon

“Ms. H” loves that Judy Sare is accepting of children from all different backgrounds and that the staff has longevity. The most rewarding part of working at Judy Sare for Ms. H is when her kids learn new skills and give a great big hug to show their excitement


Vicky Faunce

“Ms. Vicky” thinks the most special thing about Judy Sare is that there is a real family feel and all the teachers know every child. Ms. Vicky loves to come in each morning and see all of her kids’ little faces, getting hugs and helping them learn each day.


Jaime Gormley

“Ms. Jaime” loves that at Judy Sare the faculty treats each child as their own. Ms. Jaime finds her work at Judy Sare especially rewarding when she sees a new skill “click” with her kids.


Ally Isaacson

“Ms. Ally” genuinely cares for each and every one of her kids and truly gets to know them. Ms. Ally finds when her students hit milestones from learning to write their names to potty training very rewarding. These accomplishments always brighten her day!


Tammy Carboni

“Ms. Tammy” feels that Judy Sare is a great choice for the littlest children because they get lots of love and individual attention from their teachers. Ms. Tammy loves the time she spends with the babies outside at the playground.


Sheri Smugar

“Ms. Sheri” thinks that the youngest of our children should get a special amount of care in a truly nurturing environment. Ms. Sherri loves coming into work each day to care for the babies. She takes special care to treat each little one as her own as they learn and grow.


 Michal Shapiro

“Ms. Michal” feels that Judy Sare becomes like a second home to each child. Ms. Michal especially enjoys working on special art projects with her kids. She likes to interact with the toddlers and see what new things they learn about each day.


Denise Isaacson

“Ms. Denise” feels that Judy Sare offers uniquely caring environment for each child due in part to the longevity of the faculty. Ms. Denise loves seeing the kids each day and giving lots of tender loving care to help the toddlers grow and learn.


 Margie Naider

“Ms. Margie” feels that at Judy Sare the staff treats each child like their own. Ms. Margie likes to see each child pack lots of fun into each day while they learn new things.


Sherry Saks

“Ms. Sherry” finds that Judy Sare is an especially nurturing and caring environment for children. The most rewarding part of teaching at Judy Sare is watching the children grow and learn from the start of the school year until the end.


 Valerie Quinn

“Ms. Val” loves coming to a happy place to work each day. Ms. Val is happy to see her kids smiling faces each morning and fellow staff. Ms. Val feels like everyone is family here at Judy Sare.


Jackie Young

“Ms. Jackie” felt so strongly about how special Judy Sare is that after her daughter “graduated” she started working here. Ms. Jackie truly loves working on art and learning projects that allow the children to work, learn and have fun simultaneously.

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