Nursery School

Judy Sare offers instruction for children ages 13 moths to Pre-k. We promise you a high quality education for your child in a safe, nurturing environment.

Kids on colorful rug at Judy Sare preschool

We are dedicated to the development of the whole child

A well-rounded curriculum will enhance your child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. Each curriculum is creatively designed to meet the varied needs of a particular age group as well as those unique needs of individual children. Our goal is for each child to reach his/her maximum potential.

Math skills, reading readiness skills, music, art, health and physical fitness, social awareness, hands on science and Jewish programming will all be an integral part of your child’s nursery school experience.

Our Facility

Our modern state-of-the-art facility consists of spacious, colorful classrooms, each designed with both rug and floor areas, child sized furniture, and developmentally appropriate learning materials. Our building is completely air conditioned. Our full time maintenance staff keeps the rooms clean and sanitary. Our nap room has child size cots and most of our rooms are equipped with sinks.

We have an indoor playroom for inclement weather, as well as a very large outdoor playground divided into three sections by age. All playgrounds are fenced in and have safety surfaces. We have a large multi-purpose room for gym time and other large group activities.

All classes use a homeroom app to communicate with parents (notes, pictures, video).

Our programs are planned in terms of the needs of each child. A well-balanced program of indoor and outdoor activities is provided. Morning and afternoon sessions are divided into free play, clean up, snack, teacher-organized activities, rest and activity periods.


Early Care 6:45am – 9:00am
Morning Session 9:00am – 11:45am
Lunch 11:45am – 12:45pm
Full Day Session 9:00am – 3:30pm
Extended Care 3:30pm – 6:00pm

Sample Schedule

Please note that this sample is subject to change and varies for each age group. Times also vary to accommodate separating indoor and outdoor times by age group.
6:45am-9:00am Early Care Supervised play indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.
9:00am Regular Arrival Puzzles, books and table games.
9:20am Circle Time Weather, calendar (days of the week, months, years, counting), attendance, good morning songs, flag salute, daily jobs and the day’s events. Vocabulary and conversation skill development.
9:45am Project/Work Time Large group, small group or individual time. Children not working on a project have indoor free time or selected activity such as sandbox, play-doh or table games. Projects are usually theme related (reading readiness, math skills, or arts & crafts). Projects are child-made and age appropriate.
10:30am Clean Up Self-help skills are stressed. Bathroom/Diapers and hand washing break.
10:45am Snack Children participate with various classroom jobs.
11:00am Outdoor Play Weather permitting, we have outdoor play time. In the event of inclement weather, indoor play includes gross motor skills activities.
11:30am Circle Time Activity Story, finger plays, songs and morning review along with the next day’s highlights.
11:45am Dismissal for AM Students Lunch and Free Play (indoors or outdoors, weather permitting)
12:45am Outdoor Play Bathroom/Diapers and hand washing break. Outdoor play, weather permitting.
1:00pm Indoor Time Nap for younger children. Learning activity or project for older children.
2:30pm Choice Time
3:00pm Snack
3:15pm Story Group story reading.
3:30pm Dismissal
3:30pm – 6:00pm Extended Care Indoor and outdoor play, weather permitting.

*Shabbat – Schedule differs; Gym, music, and science according to calendar. Special cooking projects may alter schedule.

*Ongoing Skills – Reading readiness, math skills, science, social skills, etc., work into all activities.

*Jewish/Humanistic Values based curriculum is woven into our Programming.

Additional hours policy (drop off, pick up, and coupon information)

Early Room Care is available from 6:45am – 9:00am If you are using early care on a per diem basis, we would appreciate 24 hours notice. If your child is registered for early care, then a reduced rate has already been assessed to your bill. You will be billed for any additional hours. Please do not drop off your child before 9:00am if he/she is not scheduled for early care.

Any time prior to 9:00am is considered Early Room Care. If your child attends full day, the regular pick-up time is 3:30pm.

Any time after 3:30pm is considered Late Room.
Extended care is available until 6:00pm. Unfortunately, we cannot remain open past 6:00pm. We reserve the right to charge $5.00 for every 5 minutes that your child is here past 6:00pm.

If you are using extended care on a per diem basis, we would appreciate 24 hours notice. If your child is registered for late room, then a reduced rate has already been assessed to your bill. We realize that emergencies do occur. If you need to send your child to early care or extended care, please let us know as soon as you know. You will be billed for any additional hours. If someone else is picking up your child, please put this in writing, if possible.  They will need to present a valid ID. If not, please call with the time of pick-up and the name and description of the pick-up person.This is for the safety of your child. If we are unclear about this person, your child will not be released until you are reached.

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